My Wildlife Rescue Campaign

How well a groundhog learns life skills will determine how equipped he will be to survive once we release him back into the wild. This means that while our residents are maturing we need to provide them with the most natural habitat possible. Additionally, this environment must be safe.

As a results, My Wildlife Rescue will build an exterior enclosure for its juvenile groundhogs. Such an enclosure will allow the youngsters to experience and explore outdoor life. Most importantly, an exterior enclosure will encourage them to gain the weight, dexterity and musculature they will need to survive in the wild.

To complete this project, we must raise enough funds to buy materials, prepare the area, and pay for skilled labor. These expenditures are well above our normal day-to-day operational costs.

Please join our campaign and donate to this cause using the form on this page. A suggested donation of just $30.00 will help us reach our goal. Additionally, if you have construction skills, equipment or materials you would be willing to donate, please Contact Us

Your support is GREATLY appreciated!

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