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We can make a BIG difference to wildlife and its preservation no matter how small our individual contribution. 

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Is this the Money Tree?

Donating – Money

We are always very grateful for monetary donations.  Formula is expensive. So are cages, medicine and other supplies. Thus your generosity is directly related to the number of animals we are able to save every year. Please help us to help them by donating now.

Donating – Items

We welcome the following much needed items:

  • clean newspapers and aspen shavings
  • sterile equipment such as syringes
  • paper towels
  • like-new escape-proof cages & carriers
  • sterile latex gloves
  • pillow cases and fleece blankets
  • tip-proof pet food dishes
  • cleaning products
  • unopened bags of rabbit food, rodent block, pet salt blocks and timothy hay
  • building supplies such as lumber, cement & wire mesh for outdoor cages

Please Contact Us regarding anything you would be willing to donate.

Volunteering – Your time

Do you have some spare time?  Would you like to learn more about wildlife? We are always searching for dedicated volunteers who have a strong desire to help the animals. Please Contact Us regarding volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering – Your skills

Do you have skills you would be willing to share?  Skill sets we need include carpenters, electricians, medical, networkers, builders, landscapers, fundraisers and drivers. Please Contact Us if you have a skill you would be willing to share.

We can’t do it without you !