For inquiries regarding


uninjured abandoned baby wild

rabbits (kits) or Hares (leverets)



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BEFORE contacting us about dropping off an animal ….  

BEFORE contacting us about dropping off an animal ….  

Please do not ‘critter-nap’. Survival rates are considerably higher if the kit or leveret can be raised by his mother rather than by humans. Visit Does That RABBIT Really Need Rescuing? or Does That HARE Really Need Rescuing? before contacting us to determine if the babies you have found need our help.

Rehabbing abandoned or orphaned but otherwise healthy neonate and juvenile kits and leverets are our specialty. For all other animals (including injured or very sick rabbits and hares) please visit Our Network to obtain the contact information for organizations with expertise that can help the animal you have found.

We can only take in wildlife orphans if we have the necessary resources to care for them. Therefore, please do not drop-off animals at our Rescue without prior arrangement.

When contacting us, please include your name, telephone number and a message. We answer inquiries as soon as possible. Due to baby bunny and hare feeding schedules, sometimes it takes 24 hours for us to respond.  

Thank you for your compassion and understanding.

NOTE:  the fastest way to get a response is by using the contact form. However, if this contact form does not work, you can message us on Facebook. Our Facebook page link appears below the contact form.  

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